About the Company

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About us

Đuro Đaković (ĐĐ) Industrijska rješenja, Inc. is a company within the Đuro Đaković group. It resulted from a merger of the companies ĐĐ Elektromont, LLC and ĐĐ Proizvodnja opreme Inc.

Đuro Đaković Industrijska rješenja is a company that through its engineering and manufacturing specializes in the execution of renovations and construction based on the EPC and "turnkey" models. The company's basic activity is the development, design, engineering and manufacturing of industrial machinery, the manufacturing of segments of industrial machinery and steel constructions.

Areas in which ĐĐ provides engineering services include:

  • Energy facilities – conventional and renewable energy sources
  • Petroleum industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Steel construction engineering
  • Facilities in the construction material industry
  • Facilities in the food industry
  • Building construction
  • Hydro equipment
  • Environmental Protection