Đuro Đaković Industrijska rješenja, Inc. is a part of the Đuro Đaković group. The company was born in 2015 by joinining the companies ĐĐ Elektromont, Inc. and ĐĐ Proizvodnja opreme, LLC to the company Đuro Đaković, Inženjering, Inc.


RO Inženjering was founded as an independent legal entity that was part of the SOUR Đuro Đaković with 78 employees.
RO Elektromont is founded as an independent legal entity within SOUR Đuro Đaković.

Production of apparatuses for games of chance

Machining of sheet metal for storage tanks

Production of apparatuses for warm and cold drinks

Production of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) automation processes

The subsidiary Elektromont AG founded in Germany. The RO is harmonized with the Law on Enterprises and the company continues to operate under the name ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ INŽENJERING.

Development of automatic fire extinguishing systems

Automatic devices for supervising operations of boilers and burners

Device for welding with a rotation magnetic field, MPL-84

Products required for the defense of the Republic of Croatia

Semaphores and similar items

Reorganization carried out and several entities are separated from the company.

Elmont – Krško





The company ELMONT is privatized and successfully operates in Slovenia.

The remaining companies are reintegrated into a unified entity, Đuro Đaković Elektromont d.d.

ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ INŽENJERING carries out a harmonization of its general acts with the Laws on Commercial Companies and today operates under the name ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ INŽENJERING, Inc. for engineering, design, implementation and international commercial activities.

Production of shelves for stores

Machining of sheet metal for storage tanks

Engineering in the processing industry

Engineering in buildings

RO PIPNO is founded. The main activities of the company are making metal products, manufacturing of machinery and segments of industrial facilities, emphasizing a variety of complex solutions in the areas of industry and energy. In addition to manufacturing, technical examinations and analysis of products are carried out with a high degree of quality assurance for outgoing products.
RO Inženjering is merged with RO Development into a joint RO Engineering-Project. In that same year, KONSTRUKCIONI BIRO GRAĐEVNE INDUSTRIJE Zagreb joined the company. The total number of employees is 450. The basic activity was the design of industrial and energy facilities from the production program of SOUR ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ and contracting for and the management of their construction.
A status change is implemented. RO is constituted as an RO without OOUR and begins to operate as SOUR ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ, RO INŽENJERING s.p.o.
The company is reformed as a corporation as part of ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ HOLDING with its headquarters in Slavonski Brod and a department in Zagreb with approximately 100 employees.