Machinery park

Machinery park

The company has two production halls with total areas of 12,500 and 7,000 m² of operational production space. The larger hall, which is one of the largest production halls within the Đuro Đaković group, has machinery whose primary purpose is the processing and manufacturing of products heavy gauge sheet metal. The hall has a bridge crane with a lifting capacity of 160 tons. It is 21.4 meters high and is suitable for large-scale construction and manufacturing – up to a length of 20 meters and a height and width of 15 meters. The hall is equipped with a shot blasting chamber and a spray booth, which provides the most efficient and modern conditions to ensure the protection of the environment and of the workers during the painting process.

The smaller hall is fully equipped with the machinery and equipment for processing and welding thin metal and manufacturing a broad spectrum of sheet metal products, including a chamber for plasticizing sheet metal.

Machinery for cutting:

Plasma cutting equipment DAIHEN VARSTROJ

Laser Trumatic

PIERCE linear cutter

Equipment for gas cutting

Shears for sheet metal


Machinery for punching and rolling:

Machine for rolling with four rollers DAVI Model MCB 3080

VRM type roller

Roller for sheet metal

CNC machinery for rolling sheet metal

CNC machinery for stamping sheet metal

CNC cutter for sheet metal

Trumpf Roller

CNC hydraulic press

Hydraulic press

Machinery for mechanical processing:

Machine for preparing sheet metal ends for milling - Edgemill

Frontal lathe

NC Horizontal milling and boring machine - Borwerk

Karusel turning lathe

Radial milling machine


Equipment for welding:

Grove Line Red-D-ARC Weld Automat

Console automat ESAB with 2 heads and rotators

Positioner for welding

Rotator for welding

Equipment for MAG welding

Equipment for TIG welding

Equipment for REL welding

Testing equipment:

·TROTEC thermal imager

·PHASOR XS ultrasound

·X-ray device, 300 kV

·Flaw scanner for examining welded connections

·Equipment for magnetic testing

Thermal treatment:

Furnace for annealing

Pneumatic smithing hammer

Smithing gas furnace

Double-furnace electric furnace

Induction equipment


Spray booth

Line for painting with powders